Types of Maps

We came up with a list of types of maps.

We learned that maps don’t always have to relate to transportation or even be in reference to the physical world.

We leaned that there can be many ways of mapping the same area (There are many maps of portland, some that have stores, some have transit lines, some show roads and rivers)

We learned that all maps reflect the intentions of their maker and can therefore stretch the truth by adding and subtracting information.

Subway Map





Google Map

Video Game/Fantasty World Maps



Dewey Decimal System

Earth Quake Map

Planetary Orbits

Star Maps


Weather Maps

Air Traffic Routes

Air + Water Currents

Bike Map

Treasure Maps

Lines on your palm (Fortune Teller)

Hiking/Trail Map

Political Maps

Mental Maps

Map of Body (Circulatory System)

Instruction Manual

Family Tree

Time Lines (ex: Evolution, a movie plot, geologic history)

Food Chain

Ayuveda being levels (Indian Medicine)


Blue Print

Multi-level map (like in Powell’s Books)


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