Audio Tours

Take a listen as students give insight into the designs for projects they’ve created to solve one of the many social concerns that effect city residents.

Alex with his Anti-gravity Dome

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Actions: What you can do with the city

An exhibition/book/website that shares proposals and projects of people who are activating their city

Actions: What you can do with the city

A proposal for the reprogramming of parking garages: the garages are modified by Office of Unsolicited Architecture (OUA) trucks to shelter homeless people at night.

Utopias in progress.

We’re working our our utopias, but before we reveal our ideas, take a look at some of the other great ideas already in motion that tackle the same issues!


The Green Micro Gym, a gym powered by working out

Community Building

City Repair helps communities realize their dream projects to build communities, increase green space and make neighborhoods safer.


Michael Rakowitz collaborates with homeless individuals to make inflatable housing that is inflated and heated by the exhaust vents from building’s HVAC systems.


What to do with an old raised railroad line in Manhattan? Turn it into a park!


Portland Fruit Tree Project invites people who have fruit trees in their yard that they aren’t harvesting to allow volunteers to come and harvest the food and donate some of it to low-income families and food shelters

Fluxus Poem Map

After learning about the Fluxus International Art Movement of the 1960’s, John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Chance Procedures as a technique for discovering new ways of seeing and experiencing, we made our own instructions for walking back to the school using “Mad-Libs” as a way of adding some Chance Procedures into the mix.  The results was some times profound, some times silly, but lots of fun.

To make your own Fluxus Poem Map, download the PDF here